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Turn your Laptop, PC or Tablet into an easy to use Teleprompter


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  • 5 Scripts
  • 1 User


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  • 20 Scripts
  • 1 User
  • Mirror Mode
  • Bluetooth Control

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Per month
  • Unlimited Scripts
  • Multiple Users
  • Mirror Mode
  • Bluetooth Control
  • Shareable scripts
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Domain
  • Setup Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Teleprompter Cloud for Free?

Yes! We have a Free Forever plan which is perfect for our smaller customers. Create one script and us Teleprompter Cloud for free, forever!

What is Teleprompter Cloud?

Teleprompter Cloud is online Teleprompter software. Teleprompters are used by Filmmakers and TV Channels all around the world. After you load your script in to Teleprompter Cloud it works just like any other Teleprompter. You can adjust the scroll speed, edit fonts and styles, trigger Mirror Mode for use in professional Teleprompter Rigs and much more. You can create as many scripts as you require and can control the Teleprompter wirelesly using a Bluetooth Remote

Is there a lot of setup hassle?

No! Teleprompter Cloud is a web based app hosted on our servers. There is no complicated set up or installation and you won't require any one elses help to get going. Simply create a free account, and get started! And of course, if you do have any problems we are always here to help, just get in touch with our Support

Who makes Telepompter Cloud?

Teleprompter Cloud is made by 2 brothers in London, UK. We've worked on film productions for SKY TV, have written code for some of the UK's largest companies, and we're behind the best selling Teleprompter Apps for iPad and Google Play

I have more questions. can you help?

Of course! Head over to our support base to open a new ticket or just email us directly on :-)